• Facts about the AND

    Under investigation by Congress? YES!

    Received about $1 million a year from Big Pharma? YES!

    Received millions from junk food companies? They won't say exactly.

    Supported the junk food industry's controversial ad campaigns? YES!

    Offers continuing professional courses sponsored by Coca-Cola? YES!

    For more information, see our AND Facts page!

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    Eye on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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    The Battle for Nutrition 2013

    Once again, the AND is trying to sew up a monopoly by criminalizing the practice of nutrition and limiting the speech of non-Registered Dietitians.  Take Action!

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    Major Media Continues to Expose Dietetic Association Anti-Competitive Agenda

    The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes.com, Associated Press and others have all reported on and taken the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) to task for limiting competition and free speech. Read more…

    How the ADA is Monopolizing Nutrition and Threatening Your Health

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    Internal ADA Documents Reveal True Motives Behind Anti-Competitive Legislation

    A document published by the American Dietetic Association’s House of Delegates reveals the true motives behind the ADA’s legislative agenda.

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    ADA Says Sugar, and Artificial Colors are Safe for Children!

    Registered dietitians are now being given formal education by the Coca-Cola Company on how safe its ingredients are.(1)

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